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Know your film & sizes

It is very important to know what film and size reels you have, our easy guide should help you determine what film you have.

We can transfer any size from 9.5mm, Standard and Super 8 , right up to 16mm with sound.

All film transfers are priced up to 50ft, 200ft and 400ft.

Of course we can always advise you if your unsure just call Bob on 01793 436735 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Once you know how many reels you have and what sizes they are...
simply click here to add them to your shopping basket!

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Size Guides

Flicker free captures...
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50ft Reel
3" Diameter

400ft Reel
7" Diameter

200ft Reel
5" Diameter

CINE Film Transfer Prices

PLEASE NOTE WE HAVE A MINIMUM ORDER OF £30 ON ALL OUR CINE FILM TRANSFER SERVICES. Prices include the transfer to DVD. Your films can also be put on USB flash drive (£25.00 extra).

Cine 50ft Reel

£7.00 per reel

Cine 200ft Reel

£22.00 per reel

Cine 400ft Reel

         600ft Reel

         800ft Reel

£38.00 per reel

£54.00 per reel

£68.00 per reel